AMGP-01NS Aryung Pump Power Cool Pump
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Price: $1,990.00
  • Item #: AMGP-01NS
  • Manufacturer: A-RYUNG
  • Condition: New
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 AMGP-01NS Series Lubrication pump is an intermittent fueled quantitative pump that is used in combination with a quantitative distributor (ARD-340, 350, PVO type).

 Float switch and pressure switch for devices with built-in oil level reduction, easy to check whether the pump has any abnormality, and a port for connecting the signal of this button to the device side control unit. External control device for monitoring.

 The FEED button is built on the front of the pump to facilitate the removal of air from the pipe after the initial installation of the pipe. You can also use this button to manually supply the oil.

 The pump is intermittent pump, can not run continuously.

 Widely used in machine tools, printing machinery, food machinery, injection machinery, presses and various industrial machinery.


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