AMGP-01NS-T03-110 VOLT

AMGP 01NS T03 110 volts

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AMGP-01NS-T03-110 Volt

3 Liter Resevoir

Looking for the 6 Liter?


AMGP-01NS-T06-110 Volt


  • AMGP-01NS/025NS pump is a resistive and intermittent pump, using a measuring valve. (ARD-340,350 and PVO type)
  • This pump has a float switch and pressure switch inside to check the oil levels and connect to the outside terminal on the main machine to control the working conditions by monitoring.
  • As the pump is installed, feed the button switch inside of the pump, it is easier to remove the air and to operate manually.
  • This is an intermittent pump, continuous operation should be prohibited.
  • This pump is mainly used on machine tools, printing, foods, injection machine, presses and various industrial machines.

AMGP-01NS-T03-110 Aryung Pump Specifications

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